Website review: – almost every motorized vehicle in the Bond films.

The site is dedicated to almost every motorized vehicle in the Bond films. It’s all the motor vehicles James Bond either drives/pilots, are the passenger in or vehicles with a significant role in the films. (No chase without a vehicle to chase or chasing). However, they do not list public transports like trains and airliners.

At the moment they have listed 359 vehicles. And 192 of these with technical details.

The attitude is really complete. But vehicles from the films only are described. The material of the novels is not considered.

There is a complete enumeration of all the mentioned vehicles in each film – literally complete. Including the fire-breathing dragon from Doctor No and the Venetian gondola on the air cushion from Moonraker.

For each vehicle a separate page with comprehensive information on technical data is created, but most importantly with the author’s text, which always contains something unexpected and interesting.

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