James Bond Books Guide Quarterly.

Simultaneously with the preparation and publication of the James Bond Books Guide, the preparation and publication of the James Bond Books Guide Quarterly will begin.

This periodical is created to support productive communication with the community of the most interested readers of the Guide.

The Quarterly will contain:

– Fresh reviews, both mine and other people’s, which will later be included in the next edition of the Guide (or will not appear, if feedback from readers of the Quarterly convince me that this should not be done). The difference between the reviews published in the Quarterly is that they are not limited in volume, in contrast to the reviews published in the Guide. The Guide must be more or less compact; its purpose does not include meticulous analysis of each book but is rather to orient the reader in the whole array of books. But the Quarterly is a “laboratory”, an experimental production – the R & D of our Guide. In the Quarterly publications, our goal is to find in every reviewed book everything that is worthy of attention, and then decide what necessarily should be included in the Guide.

– Lists of books that are planned to be reviewed for the next editions of the Guide. Readers of the Quarterly can recommend books to the list and can argue against the inclusion in the list of certain books.

– Digests from rare, little-known publications, and reviews of such publications. Books about Bond are always more or less in print, but publications in periodicals usually disappear from print in a few days. It is worth finding, evaluating and making these available.

– Considerations and discussions about the format and style of reviews for the Guide, and principles for selecting books for review.

– Lists of books not written specifically on James Bond, but which help fans to understand the novels, films or Bondiana in general. Quotations, digests and abstracts of books from such lists. For example, the list for Live and Let Die includes literature on black America in the seventies, texts about the genre of blaxploitation etc.

Subscribers of the Quarterly will be present in this “laboratory” and will work in it as much as they want.

Each issue of the Quarterly will be between 36 and 48 pages long. The publication is initially planned to be electronic, but with the growth of the number of subscribers, we will issue the Quarterly in a paper format.

Subscription for the first year will cost twenty-seven dollars. For this money, subscribers will receive three issues in electronic form. The transition to paper will not lead to a significant increase in this price. A noticeable increase is possible only if the volume of each issue significantly exceeds the above-mentioned number of pages.

The first issue of the Quarterly will be released immediately after the end of the Guide’s campaign on IndieGoGo – in July 2018. It will be devoted mainly to the results of the campaign, partners acquired, and advice and suggestions received.

The first, draft edition of the Guide will be released three months after the end of the campaign, in October 2018. In the same month, the second issue of the Quarterly will also be released – it will be mainly devoted to the work on the first edition of the Guide and ideas that have arisen during this work.

The third issue of the Quarterly will be released in December 2018-January 2019. It will be devoted to the first reactions to the draft edition of the Guide, and to work on the second edition of the Guide.

The second edition of the Guide, in electronic and paper form, will be released seven months after the end of the campaign, in February 2019.

From early 2019, the Quarterly will be released at the end of each quarter – in March, June, September and December.

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